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In 1977, Our company has been established in Istanbul by Ramazan INCE, and ever since, all of exterior and interior furnitures is made by with high quality and excellence.

The firm works with so many important architects and working with them, gave us over 30 years of experiences. Our products is formed by the plans of the archtitects and specialize with their designs. We produce customized personal furnitures rather than standart non-special products.

The products that you want from us made by your decisions; the size, colours, and configurations and also accessories. So, your living area will be entirely your living area in line with your expectations

İnce Mobilya has always been commited to quality and works out  the best for customer satisfaction. Consistently for over 32 years...

Our mission is, serving our precious customers with the highest quality products, helping them for their needs with an experienced aspects. Giving informations about products respectfully from beginning to deadline. Making their living area (home or store) calm, elegant and comfortable.

With all of our experinces from working so many years with successful architects force us making our job better than else.

We have a vision that, becoming one of most important firm in the furniture sector, to keep going making personal and customize furnitures with the highest quality. Using hi-tech instruments to serve you estetical, quality and economical products that you can rely on
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